The Husband and Wife Teams


Amber and Alex


We are Amber and Alex! We have been shooting weddings since 2010. Capturing the most intimate of moments that naturally unfold on the happiest day of your life. Being a husband and wife team allows for us to really understand the moments that a couple is looking for on their special day. We also have the ability to show you the poses, interact with you as if we have been friends our entire lives, and really appeal to both the male and female perspectives of the wedding day.

Amber Kelley: I am born and raised in Texas! When I first started shooting weddings, I knew, this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The moment I started combining my passion for travel and photography, by shooting destination weddings all over the world I knew my dream had come true. I accomplished above and beyond my original goal! In 2014 I made the move to Tulum, Mexico and started my journey as an expat, destination wedding photographer. This town is where I was meant to be. My whole life I was searching for exactly what I found here. Street food, amazing vibes, beautiful beaches and jungles you can lose yourself in and find yourself at the same time.
As a traveller, I was on a road trip when I met the love of my life and my partner photographer, Alex. Together we shoot, travel, go to the gym, eat amazing food, enjoy the beaches and adventures. Together, we will travel the world with our amazing clients and create art, connecting us in ways you can only imagine. Together we have created award winning photography, recognized around the world. This is my dream come true.

Alex is a Mexican born native. He is originally from Veracruz, Mexico and even though he is terrible with numbers (haha sorry hun!) he has his degree in accounting. Realizing this wasn’t at all what he wanted to do with his life, his interest grew towards photography. Something about his untamed spirit and shooting style, raw and natural makes us the perfect pair for your wedding day. Alex moved to Playa del Carmen in 2014, oddly enough, our paths didn’t cross when we lived in the same state! It took 2 people, from the same area, on 2 different trips to find each other across the country. Alex is very involved in his family and loves like no one I have ever met. He is so passionate about life and so ready to take on the next adventure. Together, we can create the perfect collection of photos for your wedding day.


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